Check out the new and improved KANS Website

Check out the new and improved KANS Website

Thanks to Christy Fogle, Communications Director


Brad McCrobie, Consultant

for their continued hard work on improving the website

Nurses Shatter the Stereotype

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Exhibitor Information for 2014 Conference

Exhibitor Information for 2014 Conference

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Happy National Nurse’s Week

This week is a time to show your appreciation to all nurses. We have all met nurses who greatly impact us either as role models or as care givers. We are so grateful to each nurse and student nurse that’s developed a passion for nursing and thank you for your hard work and dedication. Happy National Nurse’s Week!

Breakthrough to Nursing Project!

Breakthrough to Nursing

We are so excited to have Taylor Moser as Breakthrough to Nursing Director this year. KANS recently completed their first project at the Health Occupations of Today Expo in Somerset Kentucky. There we got to tell hundreds of high school students from all across Kentucky about nursing. We answered lots of questions and spread the word about what KANS does.

Join KNA and ANA for one low price!


This is the lowest price that membership has been for KNA and ANA together. Please take advantage of this opportunity! The following is from their website:

Join Both Kentucky Nurses Association and ANA for Just $11/month or $126/year.

Joint membership in KNA and ANA is now highly accessible and affordable at only $11/month or $126/year. Together with KNA, ANA represents the largest and most inclusive group of registered nurses in the country. 

Now is the best time to join to advance your career, your profession and your patient care.  You’ll have full access to resources that will help you:

  • Enhance your skills through ANA online Continuing Education
  • Meet new peers and colleagues
  • Continue your higher education through ANA’s education alliance discounts
  • Advance your career with ANA’s Career Center
  • Develop your leadership skills

Please visit and join!

KANS wins NSNA’s Most Outstanding State Website Award

ImageAfter a fun filled week in Charlotte for NSNA’s 61st Annual Convention, we found out that KANS won the award for Most Outstanding State Website! This is a great accomplishment for our chapter and a great way to let people know we are here! All of us who attended have some great ideas for our upcoming convention in October. We are very excited to implement these ideas and were so happy to meet all of the other nursing students from across the country. We also sold some merchandise to make money for our chapter. The tumblers and towels were a big hit. If you have any pictures from the national convention, be sure to email them to


March is Women’s History Month

ImageAs future nurses, we should all know about one important woman, Florence Nightingale. In class we always learn about what she did for our profession, and hopefully we all remember her contributions to the healthcare field that is so important to all of us, men and women. If you have an extra three minutes and would like a brief overview of her life, please take a moment and watch this short video.

KANS State Conference Theme for 2013

Image Get excited for the 2013 KANS conference! This year’s theme is “Putting the Pieces Together…Where Do You Fit in?” We will focus on the many roles we will assume as nurses. We have remained the most trusted profession for many years, and we plan to stay on top! We will have many break out sessions and activities for you this year. Please check back often for more information about the conference and registration.

Nurses ranked most trusted profession in Gallup poll


Nurses ranked most trusted profession in Gallup poll

Eighty-five percent of Americans rated registered nurses’ honesty and ethical standards as “very high” or “high,” earning them the top spot in a Gallup poll ranking perceived ethical standards across a wide range of professions.

Nurses outperformed pharmacists by 10 percentage points (75%) and medical doctors (70%) by 15 points, scoring the highest of all professions on a list that included teachers, policemen and members of congress.

Survey participants were asked to rank 22 professions on a five-point honesty and ethical scale ranging from “very high” to “very low,” in telephone interviews conducted from Nov. 26-29, 2012. The random sample consisted of 1,015 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

This is the highest ranking nurses have ever received since the profession was first included in the poll in 1999. Nurses have received the highest ranking each year except in 2001, when firefighters ranked first after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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